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I found online salsa dance lessons!

I don’t know why I didn’t think I would be able to find salsa classes like this, but I did.   6 hours of salsa dancing classes either streaming, downloadable, or on DVD?  That sounds like my kind of class lol.  Whats also great is that it is for men and women so you can learn with a partner or learn a solo.

At a glance it looks like this is a well thought out salsa course.  The instructor is a professional salsa dancer (which is always good),  It comes with salsa music, and there are four types of salsa dance classes in the course.

I think this is going to work out great.  There is a lot to salsa dancing it seems, but I think they understand that and have this well thought out.  I am going to look over this some more tomorrow and ill get back to you with what I learn.

Here’s what the salsa dancing course looks like:

SalsaDancingCourse Banner

Happy New Years! Salsa Classes, anyone?

Happy New Year!  This year seems like a great one to begin learning how to salsa.  There are 2 problems for me.

The first one is my work schedule.  I travel for work so I spend a lot of nights a year in a hotel and my work days are spend working 10+ hours a day or traveling to my next destination.  I have an iPad and a laptop so maybe I can find a way to take classes with me?

Second is me.  I’m a little reserved when I practice/perform in front of people, especially when I am just starting. Maybe I need some kind of online salsa classes to make this a little more comfortable.

Well, I’ll take a look tomorrow after work and see what I can find. Fortunately, work has already begun this year so I have some time in the evenings to look around. One of my new years resolutions is to write about things I am interested in to make a sort of online diary of sorts. We’ll see how this goes.